Punggol MRT Station

The Punggol MRT Station is regarded as the rapid mass transit (MRT) and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) station interchange of Punggol, located in Singapore. It happens to be an interchange that happens between the Punggol LRT and the Punggol North East Line. It is also the very one LRT station which is stationed inside the Punggol planning area. The Punggol station happens to be the current terminus of northern of North East Line. There is an ongoing construction of Punggol MRT Coast Station that is supposed to replace the common Punggol MRT Station as being the newest northern terminus.

Punggol MRT Station Located Punggol Town

The Punggol MRT Station has its Light Rail Transit which has been given a station code called the “PTC” that is meant to mean Punggol Town Center. The Punggol station is one among the three stations that have MRT/LRT network and also have the station code which does not include any number. The remaining two stations are the Tanah Merah MRT and the Sengkang LRT/MRT station that have their station codes as “CG” and “STC” respectively. Piermont Grand is located at Punggol Town and is home to many shopping centres in Punggol.

Punggol MRT Station and LRT Station

The Punggol MRT Station has been constructed as among the contract 1712, by then it was meant of being a reserved station. The green light was given to the government 1996 in constructing a North East Line. In 1997, the new Punggol town was then announced whereby the construction of the flat was started on October 1999 with the current Punggol LRT Station. The MRT and LRT stations were both completed in 2002.

Access to Other Parts of Punggol from Punggol MRT Station

The Punggol central access from the Punggol road was also built in that same time. The Punggol station was then opened with other many lines by 20th June 2003. After the underground construction of the Punggol, station platforms was finished, at its basement two, the Punggol LRT started its constructions right away in 2000 that had some middle platforms on the side of the LRT at its level two. On 29th January 2005, that is when the LRT station of Punggol was opened where only an east loop was served before the west loop opening was done on 29th June 2014.

The Punggol MRT station is of great help to the residents of the surrounding areas in Singapore since they don’t need to move very far before they can access means of traveling. The residents of Punggol are very fortunate since there is still the construction of the new MRT station which is meant to replace the current Punggol station shortly.

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