Punggol Digital District

The new masterplan for the Punggol District in Singapore could become something like the Silicon Valley in California. The plan aims to create a district for growth of digital sectors, while optimizing the life quality for the community. New tech and cyber-security companies will be created, and the plan could even involve moving governmental agencies to the district, such as Cyber Security Agency of Singapore. It’s expected that there will be around 28,000 tech jobs available.

Punggol Digital District Near to Sumang Walk

The area is planned to become a place for growth of digital economy sectors by creating synergetic relationship between businesses, university (Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT)) and community living in Punggol. The close relationship between students and businesses will further foster the growth of the district by constantly experimenting with innovative ideas.
The district will be centralized and fully managed by a single digital platform – shortening the time for identifying and fixing issues. Any issue in any location of the district will instantly appear on the digital platform, that way it can be fixed without any delays. Punggol District District is located near to Piermont Grand EC which is at Sumang Walk by City Developments Limited.

District has incredible plans regarding innovative technology use for improving the convenience and quality of life. Some examples include automatic temperature detection and adjusting, automated delivery of goods and automated waste collection.

Punggol Digital District Innovation for Innovative Technologies

On top of innovative technologies and infrastructure, the district will also ensure high-quality living for the community and high sustainability standards. Sustainability and LivabilityWith innovative technologies and infrastructure, the use of energy, resources and land will be optimized to reduce carbon footprint and ensure high living standards.
The district will include: automatic waste collection system, automated delivery of goods and innovative systems that will help to further experiment and explore ways of how living quality could be enhanced.

Punggol District District Transformation

On top of innovative technologies and futuristic infrastructure, district will include green links and the current Punggol road will be rebuilt only for pedestrian use. Instead of rebuilding the environment, plan aims to integrate infrastructure without affecting the environment – even enhancing it by creating more green links all around the district. City will be fully equipped with solar panels, that way being as self-sufficient as possible, while leaving minimal impact on the environment.

District will also be car-lite, with parking spaces built underground (wherever possible, the infrastructure will be located underground). In the future, commuting will be done by foot, cycling or using automated public transport.

First buildings in Punggol Digital District are planned to be ready in 2023 and the plan constantly gets updated with more innovative ideas. This is the first such kind of district in Singapore, but the aim is to use this for testing and experimenting, so in the future this masterplan could be expanded in other parts of the country.

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