Piermont Grand Showflat Viewing at Sumang Walk

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Piermont Grand Showflat Layouts and Furnishings

The Showflat for Piermont Grand will be available for viewing soon. There will be different layouts available for your consideration. Please kindly register your interest to schedule the first appointment for viewing now.

Piermont Grand Showflat will feature many layouts for your consideration. Some of the layouts include a entry level 3 Bedroom floor plan that is great for young families who have just started out and starting their dream of owning a private property. There will also be bigger 4 Bedroom layouts for bigger family sizes as well as extended family and the 4 Bedroom will feature a big living space.

2 Showflat Layouts

Type A4D – 105m2/1130sqft
(3BR Premium Typical Unit)
Blk 36 #03-31 to #16-31
Blk 40 #03-38 to #16-38

Type B4-P1 – 127m2/1367sqft
(4BR Premium PES)
Blk 26 #01-11, Blk 30 #01-19

Piermont Grand Showflat Location

The Piermont Grand EC Showflat is situated near to the site, one of the most sought after for young families. The place will be opened soon. The Piermont Grand EC designs are tastefully decorated with architecture and landscaping and are carefully designed to maximize space use and efficiency.

Piermont Grand Showflat will come with furnishings that comes with the actual unit. The furnishings include Air Conditioners, wardrobes, flooring as well as full kitchen cabinets. The combination of facilities, strategic location and proximity to restaurants, shopping malls, and high schools make development a beautiful dream for many people, enhancing the quality of life of the population while balancing wellness and comfort.

Register for Piermont Grand Showflat Viewing

Sign up or call our sales line +65 6100 8687 for more accurate information and priority access to a hassle-free experience. You can serve us personally, enjoy a direct rebate for developers, and consult your money for a better sense of your capabilities. Register with us early to book an exclusive VVIP Showflat offer to get to know the luxurious finish by the developer after several rounds of detailed planning. Registered parties have the right to obtain sales prices for direct developers as well as instant updates to our development traffic. Send your expression of interest online with us and be the owner of the successful Piermont Grand EC today!

Check the details of the Piermont Grand EC plan and project.

Things to consider before visiting the Piermont Grand Grand EC Showflat exhibition

We recommend that you know and check exactly how much CPF you can use to buy Piermont Grand EC to improve your savings on future investments. In case you are unsure, call our sales team, and we will advise on the use of CPF to purchase residential units.
Residential Loan
Contact our sales team for the trusted bankers recommended to evaluate your loan.
Are TDSR affected? You will need to know which arc you are in.
ABSD varies according to the number of property owned and nationality

The Balloting System

During the actual launch day, you will require to understand how the Balloting System works

Register today to keep up with the latest project information. Shorten your process by contacting our software developer sales team to discuss non-compliance or meeting. You can also fill up  the contact form below, and we will direct you to our experienced and dedicated sales team to help you all the time without any obligations!

Sign up early (preferably now) to let you know the latest project information. Instead, to shorten the process, you can contact the developer sales staff for a non-mandatory discussion.

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