Tampines Expressway Changi Airport

The Tampines Expressway, which is abbreviated as TPE is one of the major expressways in Singapore. It was developed to improve the connectivity in Singapore between the eastern region and northern region of Singapore. It connects the Pan-Island-Expressway( PIE) which passes near the Changi airport of Singapore with the highways in the northern part of the island, the Seletar Expressway(SLE) and the Central Expressway (CLE). The development of the expressway started soon after the Tampines New Town area projected began. Tampines Expressway (TPE) is located near to Piermont Grand Sumang Walk EC and this is located next to Sumang walk EC.

Tampines Expressway Located near to Changi Airport

The Expressway has a total length of fourteen kilometers or nine miles. The initial section of the Tampines Expressway was constructed by widening the existing Tampines Road in 1986. For construction of the various stages of the expressway, tenders were floated to get the best possible price. On 30 September 1987, the beginning phase of the expressway connecting the Pan-Island Expressway to the Elias Road section was opened. The work of building the second phase of the expressway from Elias to Lorong Halaus started on 24 December 1987. This second phase of the project was opened for use on 30 May 1989. Later the extensions connecting the expressway to CLE and SLE were constructed, so that the northern part could be reached quickly.

Tampines Expressway Links Punggol to Changi Airport

The expressway has a number of flyovers constructed for ease of travel.The decision to build the expressway, led to increase in the number of buildings in the Sengkang and Punggol areas of Singapore, with many residential complexes built in these areas after the TPE was constructed. The government PWD began construction of the Punggol flyover in 1992. The tender to construct the TPE-Seletar link was finalized on 13 April 1993. The TPE highway was finally opened to the public on August 1996 after building work of the junction at Lorong Halaus was completed. In 1998, one loop and two viaducts were built to connect the PIE and TPE, to reduce the travel time for drivers from Tampines and Pasir Ris to Changi area.

Tampines Expressway Located Near to Piermont Grand EC

The TPE has a total of twelve interchanges which connect the road to other roads and allow the drivers using the road, to exit the road and reach their destination. These interchanges are of different types like single point urban interchange(SPUI), trumpet, cloverstack, LILO, Semi directional T, directional T, cloverstack, a hybrid of Diamond and Cloverturbine. Most of the interchanges are named after the area in which they are located though the LILO interchange with exits to Elias Road and the Tampines link has not been named. There is no eastbound exit at the Jalan Kayu interchange.

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