Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre

The Sengkang sports and recreation centre was constructed as being among the plan for improving amenities that were in Paris Rid-Punggol Group and in Sengkang new town that cost S$1billion. The sports council of Singapore and other people were associated in that sports complex plan, where they continued with that project even when there was an economic recession in Singapore around the 2000s. Grassroots leaders initiated fundraising campaigns for complex construction to be supported. Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre located

Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre

Despite planning sports complex by 2004, they started construction in 2006 2nd April. There was a Sengkang sports center groundbreaking ceremony where the member of parliament attended. S$48.7million which was the complex and designed by the architectural firms T < architects which was finished by late 2007. Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre is located next to Piermont Grand which is a new EC by Capitaland.

It is situated in the land worth four hectares beside Sungei Punggol, feature sports facilities which has five water slides and a swimming pool, and the house community club at Sengkak sports center. One slide contains four colors which are similar to the east coast park slides that are currently closed. It contains the synthetic soccer field with an indoor sports hall with hockey pitch which is used currently for the nations best practices in Punggol primary and junior hockey which occupied 129,170 square feet.

Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre at Anchorvale

The first center community for being built was Anchorvale community of four-story building in Singapore towards the river and its located towards the sports complex. It has facilities like multi-media rooms, playrooms, tea art rooms, study and reading area, a large multi-purpose hall, and the roof terrace. It has a retail space, eating outlets, and riverfront cafe.

The sports hall can accommodate around 12 badminton courtrooms, as it can accommodate volleyball and basketball too. It has retractable seating that enables the hall a flexible activity, where 200 spectators may seat. It also has the dancehall and gymnasium that are located inside the sports hall together with the courtroom for badminton.

Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre Near to Punggol Reservoir

The sports complex is linked to being an artificial island with the Punggol reservoir where people can participate in activities like water sports. Has park connector that is landscape pavement more so for cyclists and pedestrians, that will run at the river bank side and connect every facility. Anchorvale community center adopted the Sungei Punggol with water and environment ministry and the active public utility board, clean, and beautiful water program. It also takes the role of protecting the natural river environment.

Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre has a public swimming pool that operated from 1st August 2008. The pool is complex and situated on 57 Anchorvale road, which is a walking distance towards Farmway Station LRT. The swimming pool is maintained every Monday and has three slides levels which are: Tunnel slide, speed slide and on the second level, there is a multi-colored slide that has the capacity of about four riders in the same time. In level three, it has twister slides, which have two riders every single time.

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