Waterpoint Shopping Centre Punggol

Located in Punggol is a mall known as Waterway Point. It is the major shopping mall in the area that has been in the area for a long time now. In terms of malls, this one stands out! Singapore boasts of Watertown, the first integration of residential and retail development that is solely waterfront. Its development was overseen by Frasers Property Limited, Far East Organization and the famous Sekisui House Ltd. The three companies have worked so hard to ensure that the project stands on its feet to serve its purpose.

Waterway Point Located in Punggol

Apart from a just being a normal mall, Waterway Watertown features a well structured 992 residential unit. It has a net lettable area of about 370,824 sq ft. It offers:
• Retail
• Dining
• Entertainment
• Education

The property will be a top-notch waterfront leisure destination for both Punggol residents and visitors from across the island. It offers a water fountain play area with water shooters. These water shooters look more like and have the same intensity as rain. They provide a wonderful experience that is suitable for not only families but also couples who would like to unwind and have fun and children too!

Children Facilities at Wonderland in Waterway Point

Wonderland is an indoor playing area that is an amazing destination for children. They adore things such as mushrooms and dinosaurs to mention but a few! This playing area brings children together. They are able to explore, learn and have fun together. The development is located near to Piermont Grand EC in Punggol which is a huge draw from Punggol Residents.

In Singapore stands a wonderful shopping mall called Punggol Plaza. It is the first mall to ever be developed in this area. It has catered for the Punggol residents’ needs since it was opened in 2004. Currently, it is one of the known malls in Punggol with Waterway Point being the second mall in this area.

Waterway Point For Residents and Visitors for Shopping

Waterway Point has 4 storeys. Each storey provides a different unique service. Some of these services range fromclubsand even restaurants. So far, there are only three well known tenants in the mall including:
• One located in basement 1
• Koufu, located on level 1
• NTUC FairPrice on level 3

Waterway Point has served the people of this area for a long time. It is located in one of the most beautiful places. Watertown is a great destination for anyone who’s looking to unwind and have some great time. The best thing is that with the availability of Waterway Point, it even more convenient for both residents and visitors.

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